Constructa from Castle takes advantage of the latest NAV 2015 platform upgrade

GS Brown constructionMicrosoft Dynamics NAV is a quick to implement, easy-to-use enterprise resource planning (ERP) application that helps companies manage their accounting and finances, supply chain and operations.  It is part of a complete solution from Microsoft that helps companies work and grow efficiently.

Constructa, from Castle Computer Services, is built on the latest Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 platform with core functionality and features tailored for the Construction industry to ensure that the system leverages the significant R&D investment made by Microsoft while adhering to construction industry standards.   Whether a house builder, main contractor, subcontractor or manufacturer, the system caters for all aspects of the construction industry and handles large numbers of projects simultaneously, on a project by project basis rather than customer basis.

There are a plethora of new features available in the latest upgrade that builds flexibility, mobility and a fresh, modern interface into the user experience.

Dynamics NAV for tablets allows employees anytime, anywhere access to the system using their own devices via an app.  The new, familiar, modern interface is enhanced for touch screen devices and provides a personalised role-tailored environment.

Building on extensive construction industry experience, Castle have created an environment which is sector-focused and role-tailored. Accounting Managers, Contracts Managers, Plant Managers, Purchasing, Quantity Surveyors and others have their own personalised, permission-based menus and dashboards which highlight activities to be completed, ensuring no actions are missed and projects are completed on time.  The ability to drill down within every area of the system enhances business intelligence and insight across the company.

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The user experience has become more intuitive in NAV 2015 with data entry on pages made faster by showing mandatory input fields. Automated field filling enables faster processing.  Documents such as orders, invoices and credit memos become easier to review,with totals shown on each page.  Productivity increases by only showing what is relevant to the user, depending on the users’ permission levels. Detail on project commercials contained within the Contract Card, the nucleus of Constructa, can be built upon as the project progresses with the population of specific dates acting as a trigger for other dates and related activities which adhere to company policy, workflow and Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) legislation.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides integration with Office 365, which enables users to drill down, analyse, share and collaborate with colleagues.  In NAV 2015, new features include simplified email messaging via SMTP including Office 365 and the ability to sign into the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client using the Office 365 account.

Other features, unique to Constructa, are its Procurement Workbench and the way Project Cash and Cost Value Reconcilation (CVR) is handled.

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A key objective of Constructa is to significantly reduce procurement costs. Our Procurement Workbench allows the efficient purchase of materials, plant, labour and subcontractor packages. Its just-in-time call-off functionality maximises cash flow and provides a consolidated view of all projects’ procurement requirements. This allows the company buyer to achieve economies of scale by purchasing across multiple projects simultaneously, resulting in lower prices.

Presentation of pre-tender information is available in the project budget from the outset. This helps facilitate and audit the procurement process by comparing budgeted costs to committed, accrued and actual costs, proactively flagging up any over commitments or project overspend in real time.

As Constructa uniquely works on a project by project basis, rather than a company-wide basis, and handles project cash within the system, rather than using Excel, this allows an efficient and faster cash flow projection to be carried out as dates are gathered which highlights when payment is to be received.

Constructa has a flexible Cost Value Reconciliation (CVR) which allows the project work in progress to be seen from various commercial perspectives within the system, rather than in Excel, drastically reducing the time taken to analyse costs, amend and approve adjustments and produce management accounts.

To see Constructa in action, you can visit their stand at iTSHOWCASE Manchester on 10th February.

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