Close the digital divide with Smarty Software

start your journeyDespite the world seemingly becoming more technical by the day, research recently conducted by CBI and IBM has found there’s a significant digital divide opening up across Britain’s economy. According to the research, just 55 per cent of firms adopt digital technologies and processes, with the remaining 45 percent falling behind. Although made up of both small and large businesses, it is small businesses that make up the majority (99%) of the private sector businesses that aren’t embracing the technology.

Smarty is the country’s newest and most intelligent digital software. Helping SMEs to deliver an outstanding service to help them compete with their larger rivals, Smarty aids in accounts and payments, tracking sales, managing contacts and sending out automated emails and keeping an eye on a wesbite’s SEO. All areas that small business owners often don’t get the chance to give the amount of attention they require, or have the financial resources to focus on, Smarty takes the stresses out of these processes and allows small business owners to keep up with their competitors.

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Farhad, Reyazat, Founder & CEO, said: “In this technological-heavy world, businesses should make sure they keep up with new trends in order to make the most of opportunities. The internet is one of the first ports of call for consumers when they look for products and services, so embracing websites and making sure they are built correctly and adhere to best practices to ensure good SEO is imperative. From there companies can start to send out direct mails and build rapport with customers using technology in order to help grow new business and develop existing relationships.”

This research comes after GoDaddy and Redshift last year found that 60 per cent of the UK’s very small businesses – those with five employees or less – didn’t even have a website. UK businesses must not only make sure they keep on top of digital trends in order to keep on top of competitors in the country, but also help to position the UK as global leaders in the business world.

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Farhad continues: “UK small businesses who don’t see the benefit of embracing the digital age risk falling behind those that do take the digital plunge. We have to work together as a collective to make sure that small businesses don’t fall behind.”

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