CambridgeHOK selects EasyBuild for modern architecture, enhanced reporting and drill down functionality

CambridgeHOK, the largest UK based horticultural engineering company offering full turnkey solutions throughout the UK and overseas, have chosen to implement EasyBuild Construction Software.

CambridgeHOK were looking to replace their existing accounting ERP package with a product which had a higher level of integration, benefitted from more up to date architecture and also delivered enhanced reporting and data drill down functionality. They had identified the need to change software for the following key reasons:

A need for a construction focused product with a fully integrated accounts and contract costing solution,
Bring together current processes of using multiple pieces of software to create and track applications, variations and retentions in one place,
Improve their CVR and valuation process and to create better analysis and visibility throughout the business,
A document management system required on a transaction by transaction level and visibility of these transactions efficiently,
High standards of reports required for management and fully exportable to excel for analysis,
A significantly more user-friendly interface for all employees throughout the business.

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CambridgeHOK selected EasyBuild from a number of competitors due to its ease of use and because it met all key requirements. Steve Hinch, the Finance Director of CambridgeHOK gave the following reasons behind EasyBuild being their preferred solution: “CambridgeHOK require a solution which is user friendly and intuitive to encourage a deeper buy-in from all users of the system and we believe EasyBuild offers this in addition to a level of functionality far better than that we currently have with our existing system.
“EasyBuild presented the software on a number of occasions giving us confidence the system was capable of meeting our key requirements and also demonstrated EasyBuild’s excellent customer service.”

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He added: “We felt that both the sales and technical teams were knowledgeable and had a can-do attitude to adapting the software to CambridgeHOK’s specific requirements. We feel working alongside EasyBuild, we can develop a partnership which will move both businesses forward in their respective industries in the years to come”

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