Businesses can access real-time performance insights via machine learning based analytics platform

DataPA is launching a business analytics platform driven by machine learning following the successful pilot which saw customers hail the platform’s potential saying that it, ‘transformed our ability to understand our business performance’. inmydata is a subscription service that uses the power of cloud computing and machine learning to liberate an organisation’s data, reducing their reliance on business analysts.

Nick Finch, CTO of DataPA explains: “Traditional business analytics solutions can be frustrating. If you have a perfect team of business analysts preparing the data and building dashboards, great, but that is rarely the case. Most organisations are making do with the intelligence they can deliver, rather than having the answers to questions as and when they need them. inmydata changes that.”

Traditional analytics solutions rely on business analysts to build dashboards to provide the intelligence an organisation needs. But by the time even the best analysts have built one set of dashboards, the business’s requirements have changed. inmydata combines the power of cloud computing and machine learning with a touch friendly, intuitive interface so users can navigate to any possible view of their data, on any modern device, within seconds.

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Anthony Nicholas Group, that encompasses the two high street jewellery brands Fraser Hart and Fields, has been using inmydata as part of an early access program for the last few months.

Mark Naughton-Rumbo, Anthony Nicholas Group CFO said: “inmydata has transformed our ability to understand how our business is performing. Our management are now able to immediately explore our results to any level of detail, finding what has driven them – whether it was expected or not.

“We’ve found it liberating to be freed from the prescriptive views of the business afforded by traditional dashboards and reports.”

inmydata is built using serverless cloud architecture, so storage and processing power are automatically scaled as the size and complexity of the data increases. Combined with machine learning technology that analyses the usage and structure of the data to improve efficiency of queries, this means it doesn’t matter how large or complex the data an organisation wants to explore is, the solution will always render views in less than a second.

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As Nick Finch explains: “inmydata’s smart, elastic infrastructure means it’s always fast. It also means we can offer a subscription model to suit any organisation.”

Jude McCorry, Head of Business Development at Scottish Innovation Centre, The Data Lab, which has been providing insight and support to DataPA says: “This is yet another example of a Scottish data company disrupting established norms to help the business community leverage commercial advantage from dynamic data insights. The ongoing success of companies like DataPA in the Scottish data ecosystem underlines Scotland’s place within the international data market.”

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