Bluestar Leasing implements IT and cyber solutions to stay ahead of security risks

Commercial loans provider protects client data confidentiality while growth continues

Asset finance and commercial loans provider, Bluestar Leasing, has invested in a full suite of Managed IT Services and cyber security solutions to ensure its year-on-year growth continues, while guaranteeing all client data remains confidential.

The Hampshire-based company currently employs 14 people, having increased its sales team by an additional three people in 2019, and aims to continue its team growth in 2020. Bluestar Leasing was acquired for £4 million in 2018, and provides financing for some innovative sectors including drones, festivals, and digital marketing. It has plans to expand its financial products’ offering via new partnerships with IT companies in the New Year.

A frequent target

Unfortunately, the company operates in an industry which is targeted frequently by hackers. Alarming industry figures by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) revealed that cyber-incidents have spiked by 1,000% in 2018 within the UK finance sector. This information led Bluestar Leasing to update its IT and cybersecurity.

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Bluestar Leasing had been benefiting from updated IT support and Office 365 services from its technology partner, OGL Computer, since 2016, and has recently added a next-generation anti-virus called Carbon Black from CyberGuard Technologies, a division of OGL Computer, to stay ahead of any potential security risks.

With the updated technologies in place, BlueStar Leasing can communicate better with customers, partners and staff, and is confident that it operates a robust, secure and stable IT infrastructure. Any issues with IT systems are quickly handled by OGL Computer to avoid downtime.

Best protection available

Bluestar Leasing’s Director, Marcus Gregory, said: “Cyber security is always a concern for us as we hold confidential client data and we wanted to ensure we had the best protection available. Within this industry it’s hugely important to invest in a cyber security due to the sheer volume of customer data, and the type of data held.

“Since installing Carbon Black, you can really tell that the product offers a more robust level of security and has given us much more confidence that our systems are as secure as they can be. This is due to the fact that Carbon Black inspects files and identifies threats by analysing previous user’s behaviour, offering much more protection than we previously had.”

Trusted security providers

Colin Dennis, Technical Operations Manager at CyberGuard Technologies, concluded: “Financial firms are a huge target for cyber criminals, so it’s no surprise more are seeking guidance from trusted cyber security providers. Cyber incidents across the financial sector are likely to continue, but Bluestar Leasing is one company that can breathe easier knowing that our IT support and cyber teams are both on hand to prevent any potential downtime and resolve hidden security threats.”

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CyberGuard Technologies (an independent company within the OGL Computer Services Group which has been in the technology business for over 40 years) provides the very best in IT security for UK businesses looking for premium IT performance in a protected, secure environment.

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