Agetur UK select Xcipio Document Store, Email Archiving, Forms and Templates

cutting edge wall sizedAgetur UK Limited is one of the leading civil engineering companies in the UK. The Company specialises in the construction of roads, sewers, and civil engineering works. Their reputation is built on over 25 years in the Construction industry, working to the highest standards of safety, sustainability, quality, reliability and expertise. Agetur employ over 100 people and pride themselves in their mantra ‘always do the right thing’.

Agetur has been struggling with ageing systems to cover Health & Safety and needed a modern solution to distribute employee qualifications and also to capture site based forms and allow control of various key documents that need revision control. Agetur UK turned to RedSky IT, their existing systems provider, who recommended Xcipio their solution covering Document Control and Forms. Agetur UK will be rolling out the Xcipio Document Store, Email Archiving, Forms and Templates.

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In total, the Xcipio range of Web modules that encompass processes such as: Document Management, Document Workflow & Approvals, Forms Control – On line & Off line, Email Archive, Contract / Project / Organisation Contacts, Dashboards, Customised Apps, Business Analytics, Project Minutes capture and report, Project Issues capture and report, Mobile data capture and enquiries.

These modules help customers capture data which can be used to manage all of their document control needs. These modules have been designed to operate over any existing financial system, however, when used alongside the Summit suite of Financial & Operations modules, the true integration of transactional and non-structured data will give any construction business a powerful tool to help manage and control every aspect of their contracts.

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There is a dashboard that provides the financial status of a job, and all email and documents associated to that contract, on one screen with drill down to detail on any line item. Contract managers truly have all the information they need to manage a job rather than waste valuable time searching for it.

Wally Lishman Agetur UK Health and Safety Manager said: “We currently use a standalone off-site H&S data system that has served us well but as Agetur UK Ltd has grown we feel we need to integrate the varied office systems around employee data capture to reduce separate and duplicated input time. As Agetur UK is a user of the RedSky IT Finance package so we looked at Xcipio to complete our integration and document control.”

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