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Accounts systems today provide true interaction between many departments, using single entries to update multiple accounts records or modules, providing their users with the ability to drill down from an account to see the detailed invoicing information and even pre-sales information from CRM applications. Multi-company, multi-currency systems are now common place. The variety and complexity of accounting systems can be daunting for purchasers, requiring a detailed understanding of your requirements and a thorough evaluation of potential suppliers.

Specialist accounting software systems are available for particular industry sectors, like construction, where there are accounting requirements peculiar to that industry. Project accounting solutions are commonly used within organisations where clients are billed according to the time and resources allocated to each particular project.

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5 ways to prepare your business for an IT system change

5 ways to prepare your business for an IT system change

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The advantages of continuous investment in technology

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Using ERP software to defy an economic downturn

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Keeping your eyes on the prize

Keeping your eyes on the prize

Why do you want to buy and implement an ERP system? No.1 on the top of this list has surely got to be to improve the business processes. There are, of course, many tactical advantages that you may be seeking, for instance, to enable your salespeople to access the...

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