5 Benefits of email payslips

Electronic payslips sent via email can help your construction business in lots of ways

Here Integrity Software take a look at the key benefits your business could take advantage of should you make the switch.

Huge cost savings

There are huge savings to be made when it comes to moving to electronic payslips, on both paper and postage.

According to a survey by the Chartered Institute of Payroll, 83% of businesses surveyed reduced their costs by making the switch to email payslips over traditional ones.

Average savings were between £1,200 and a huge £6,000 per year – that’s a huge return on investment.

By sending payslips by email, businesses can not only reduce the cost and time associated with posting physical payslips, but also the time spent manually handing out printed ones to employees.

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Improved delivery vs. traditional payslips

Another key benefit of email payslips is improved delivery. Unlike traditional paper payslips which are often returned to the finance office if the employee is unable to collect it, email payslips are sent directly to the employee’s nominated email address, whether they are absent from work or not.
With so many employees working in different locations and on different sites, this is an important benefit for construction businesses.

Cut down on storage

Paper payslips that are not collected by employees need storing somewhere, and the more these build up the more space they take up.
Making the switch to email payslips will not only eliminate this required storage space straight away, but it’ll also mean that employees have their own access to historical payslips without having to request these from the finance team.
With email payslips employees can get access to their payslips whenever they need them – 24 hours a day and from any device.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Emailing payslips is far more environmentally friendly than printing every single one out every month. Lots of businesses already encourage their employees to avoid unnecessary printing, so it makes sense to reduce your carbon footprint further by switching to electronic payslips. And the good news is the bigger your business the bigger the impact this switch will have.

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Improved security

Security is an important aspect around payroll and payslips, and sending payslips electronically is the most secure way to do so. All payslips sent to employees are password-protected meaning only they can access them from their email account.

Conclusion: Save time, money & hassle with email payslips

Join thousands of other construction businesses who are already experiencing the benefits of sending payslips electronically; from huge cost savings to improved security and a better employee experience, your business and its employees are sure to benefit from email payslips.
Talk to us today about our Email Payslips module – it’s quick and easy to purchase and implement, and it could help ease the burden on your finance team come year end.

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