Vectorworks partners with Modelo for AEC presentation and collaboration plug-In

Gehry Technologies and DassaultGlobal design and BIM software developer Vectorworks, Inc. has announced their partnership with Modelo, creators of the software plug-in of the same name, which is one of the fastest real-time, web-based 3D model communication tool in the AEC industry. Modelo allows for architects and designers to upload their 3D Vectorworks files (VWX) directly into the browser-based 3D presentation and collaboration tool.

Once files are uploaded to the plug-in, professionals can present and share their 3D files with clients, colleagues and consultants. Viewers can leave feedback and markups, without needing to install Vectorworks software, which are then archived for future reference. The academic community can also take advantage of the free version or trial to achieve the same collaborative and communicative opportunities.

“In today’s highly competitive market, the ability to quickly and effectively communicate about a design in 3D with clients and collaborators is of the upmost importance,” said Jeremy Powell, product marketing director at Vectorworks. “Our partnership with Modelo puts powerful, web-based collaboration tools in the hands of designers and architects so they can easily transfer designs right out of Vectorworks software into Modelo for intuitive design review, no matter their location.”

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Modelo offers designers the capability to:

Visualize 3D models directly through their internet browser.
Share specific, presentation-ready views directly with clients.
Create comments on 3D models for internal team feedback.
Jump into Virtual Reality (VR) with mobile devices and Google Cardboard.
Switch to presentation mode for clean, curated tours of their designs.
Cut real-time sections and measure in 3D space.
Access models via mobile- and tablet-optimized browser interfaces.
Control user permissions across their projects.

Depending upon a firm’s size, Modelo delivers three tiers of accounts including Free, Studio and Enterprise. Plus, free licenses are available for the academic community. The Modelo plug-in is currently only available for Windows users of Vectorworks software and is compatible with Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

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“It’s fitting that we wanted to work closely with the Vectorworks team because of our aligned philosophies with developing tools to support the design process,” said Qi Su, president and co-founder of Modelo. “From the beginning, our mission at Modelo has been to bring efficiency to the collaboration, presentation and project management functions of creative design teams, and we look forward to continuing our mission and helping Vectorworks creatives to do just that.”

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