Save businesses time and money by outsourcing document digitalisation

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Taking the progressive step to make a business paperless is an incredible investment that is revolutionising the efficiency of sectors and industries across the board, but it’s one the can seem incredibly daunting if it’s an area a company hasn’t ventured into before.

The benefits of streamlining a business with document digitalisation are obvious, but should a business lack the specialist knowledge and equipment to undertake the task of converting all company documents into digital equivalents, going paperless could mean investing precious time and money into getting ahead of the technological curve that could be spent on growing the business from the inside out.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan says: “Embracing technology and taking documents digital is an essential part of good modern practice that not only aids in security, productivity, reducing environmental impact and creating a cleaner, tidier workspace, but it doesn’t have to be a move that costs the earth in time or money. We want to make the changeover as smooth as possible for our clients, so we collect documents from them wherever they are in the country, prepare them and scan them, then index and categorize the files exactly as the client wants them.

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“We have a wide range of high-tech hardware, OCR processing and software that gives us the ability to transform documents into JPEG, PDF AND TIFF formats. It would just not be cost effective for most businesses to purchase these necessities themselves, and outsourcing the process give you back hours that would be taken away from your business if you were to attempt it yourself.”

Founded in 2004, Pearl Scan is a document digitalisation expert, with over ten years’ experience of helping businesses fulfil their potential with specialist tailored document scanning and management solutions. Not only does Pearl Scan have the capabilities to scan traditional paper documentation such as letters, invoices and receipts, they also offer niche services such as microfiche scanning, audio transcripts and large format scanning with minimal fuss and expense, something that requires costly equipment and specialist know-how to do properly.

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There doesn’t need to be concern over whether outsourcing scanning will break the bank either; the Scan on Demand service offered by Pearl Scan is a great option for those who want to start benefitting from going digital without committing to a large-scale project. This is ideal for SMEs with smaller budgets, or businesses looking to make a gradual changeover without interference in their everyday operations.

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