Frontline introduce integrated warehouse management application for SAP Business One users

Leading SAP Business One integrator, Frontline Consultancy, has announced the introduction of their new warehouse management application that, unlike other solutions on the market, links directly to the core SAP Business One database. The application will help improve overall warehouse efficiency as well as seamlessly link all aspects of the users business and ERP system.

The warehouse management application for SAP Business One provides the ability to use SAP’s warehouse management capabilities, accessed from handheld barcode scanners for booking-in, picking, delivering and stock transfers. In addition, it captures live data at the point of activity around the warehouse providing real-time, accurate stock data across the entire organisation.

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Commenting on the development of the application, Caine Fearn, managing director of Frontline Consultancy said: ”Efficiency and accuracy is the key to success in any warehouse operation and many companies still think that an ERP system is just for a large organisation. With SAP Business One and our warehouse management application small and medium sized businesses are able to get significant business efficiencies and improved profitability by minimising over delivery and making better informed decisions due to data accuracy and reporting.”

The warehouse management application can be easily integrated into existing SAP Business One user systems and provides a quick return on investment for users.

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