The Southampton Business Software Show

St Mary’s Stadium
Tuesday 24th September
10 am – 2 pm

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We’ll help you to find your perfect software solution

Wherever you are in your journey towards a new management system, we’ll introduce you to leading specialist suppliers for your industry, either for preliminary discussions about your project or simply to help keep you up-to-date with the latest developments. Our new keynote presentations are designed to provide IT managers and business leaders with an insight into what the future holds.


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Cloud Manufacturing

It has become clear that over the next 10 years, Cloud Manufacturing will play a significant role. So, what is the reality of Cloud Manufacturing and what exactly will it mean for UK Manufacturers? Thanks to existing technology and ERP solutions many companies have...

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Keynote Presentation

Data is the new Oil. How AI fuels better decisions

“Data is the new Oil”, in fact, data is now a more expensive commodity than oil. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained substantial momentum over the last few years but it is far from a new concept.

As early as 1950, Alan Turing published a paper in which he speculated about the possibility of creating machines that think. Before even thinking about AI though, businesses should analyse their data maturity. You cannot jump from descriptive data, straight into prescriptive decision making.  AI improves both operational processes and decision making but impactful AI can only be achieved with rich, clean data.

11:20 am

Speaker: Callum Green

Senior Professional Solution Architect at DXC Technology

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